Skipper Rum

From 300 independent distillers to now just one, Skipper Rum is distilled at the world famous Diamond Distillery at Plantation Diamond on the East Bank of the Demerara River.

Diamond Distillery operates the original production Stills used on three of the largest Sugar Estates of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Skipper is an iconic brand harking back to the 1930’s with outstanding product credentials. Only rum originating from beside the Demerara River in Guyana can have the appellation ‘Demerara Rum’.

Skipper Rum is blended with rums which are distilled using 3 different types of still:
  • The famous Diamond Distillery wooden stills
  • A Pot Still
  • An Enmore Coffey Still together with several standard Coffey Stills

Tasting Notes

Skipper 40% - a flavoursome rum with a hint of vanilla and with notes of chocolate, orange and tobacco leading to a long, rounded finish.


Skipper at Sea with cocktailSkipper with cocktail 2Skipper with cocktailSkipper With HatSkipper with red cocktail