Siren's Call

On a quest for the finest Caribbean rum recipe, these heroes of the high water battled ambush and treacherous waters. Tempted to their peril by the Siren’s Call, this silky full-bodied rum is a hearty nod to the legacy of these shipwrecked sailors. A blend of heavy pot-stilled Jamaican Rums that have been barrel-aged, Siren’s Call is infused with Ginger, vanilla and a guarded set of exotic spices before being bottled at 37.5% abv.  Aimed at cocktail culture, Siren’s Call’s versatility extends from simple serves  to complex cocktails for the budding drinks  enthusiast at home.

This is Siren's Call. A delicious ode to the spirited rum runners who rewrote their fate after being lured into stormy West Indian seas.

The nose is met with a deep, ester-heavy Jamaican Rum, with fragrant spiced notes of preserved lime, lemongrass, vanilla and ginger.  On the pallet, Ginger is more pronounced, but balances harmoniously with the caramelised butterscotch aging of the rum.  The finish is fragrant, medium in length and provides a reminder that ginger is the lead spice.