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The Triumphant Return of the Fruit Liqueur

In a recent article by PUNCH, Carey Jones looks at liqueur supply to cocktail bars in the USA.

Carey Jones reports: 

" brand has broken out quite like Giffard, a Loire Valley producer with nearly 70 products in its portfolio. They entered the American market in 2013, thanks to Erik Hakkinen of Seattle’s Zig Zag Café. After learning about the liqueurs from industry friends in Vancouver—and spending years carrying bottles across the border—Hakkinen founded an import company, Back Bar Project, solely to bring Giffard to the States. Visiting the distillers, he selected 17 bottles from their lineup that he thought cocktail bartenders would use and appreciate, plus a few that would surprise (including the aforementioned banana).

Though Giffard itself dates back to 1885, there hadn’t been an American market for their products. “Only now are mixologists saying, if I can get a high-quality gin, why can’t I get high-quality liqueurs?” says Jackie Brenner, director of marketing at Back Bar Project. As she sees it, there’s an evolution of understanding within a number of alcohol categories. Tequila, rum, brandy—bartenders have educated themselves about each, seeking out quality brands and coming to appreciate the nuance in each category. “So many spirits have gone through a paradigm shift. And we’re definitely having that moment with liqueurs.”

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The Triumphant Return of the Fruit Liqueur

Considered a garishly colored relic of the 1990s, fruit liqueurs actually have a rich history that dates back centuries. Carey Jones on the return of the much-maligned fruit liqueur to contemporary cocktail bars.


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