16 SEP

The Spirits Business - The Big Interview - Beluga

Interview with Alexander Mechetin, Founder and CEO of JSC Synergy Group with comments from Nick Gillett, Head of Mangrove:

'Nick Gillett, head of Mangrove who took on the UK agency for Beluga last October, blames lack of vision in the past. ''I think traditionally Russian companies have tended to blitz the market, throw money at it an host incredibly glamorous parties. I'm not convinced they've necessarily focused on the quality of the liquid. Beluga is being more strategic in its approach to the UK market. Rather than throwing parties they are working with fashion and art in a much more sophisticated and cultured way than some previous companies perhaps have done.''

'As Gillett says. ''Beluga's not just a triumph of packaging.''

''Beluga is an authentic Russian brand that's strong in its own market, Gillett sums up. ''It comes from an historic distillery and that could begin to help against some of the other brands which are globally very successful, but don't stack up so well on close inspection''.