17 OCT

The Spirit of Art by Giffard


'The Spirit of Art' by Giffard

The Spirit of Art by Giffard, a unique collection of late 19th and early 20th century French advertising artworks, started on Monday 7th October with a preview in London’s Covent Garden Market. The beautiful Covent Garden’s Central Avenue was the perfect venue to highlight the works of Ogé, Cappiello and Misti! 

Many of these posters have not been seen publicly for a century and have never been shown as a collection before.


Their contemporary work reflected the cultural zeitgeist with a satirical sense of humour. Inspired by and used to promote Giffard’s Menthe Pastille brand, the art has remained in the Giffard family for generations.


Now the Spirit of Art by Giffard aims to show many of these entertaining images to a global audience and London is the first show in a world tour. Covent Garden was the ideal neighbourhood to host the Spirit of Art Exhibition due to its location as the cultural heart of the West End.


In addition, London Cocktail Week’s epicenter this year was based around The Seven Dials in Covent Garden - only 8 miles away from where the Giffard story originally began in Mitcham, Surrey. In 1885, while researching the therapeutic and digestive properties of mint, pharmacist Emile Giffard discovered the Mitcham peppermint plant and used its essential oils to create Menthe Pastille - a clear liqueur that tipped its hat to the fashionable English mint pastilles of the day and went on to become a favourite with many French artists and the people of Anjou.


Menthe Pastille Cocktails Served included: The Famous Stinger, the Original  White Lady and of course Menthe Pastille pure on the rocks.


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