28 NOV

Shortlist Magazine - Pumpkin Pie

Created by bartender Edixon Caridad at Please Don't Tell in New York's East village - a cocktail bar that celebrates seasonal ingredients ans also serves outstanding hot dogs. This cocktail is a twist on a traditional 'flip', a mixed drink that filled glasses in the 17th century.



100g pumpkin batter (to make a batch: 435g organic pumpkin puree, 9 eggs, 85ml Demerara syrup, 65ml Pimento Dram liqueur. Whisk together the eggs, Pimento Dram and Demerara syrup until the mixture becomes light yellow in clour. Gradually add the pumpkin puree in small amounts and continue to whisk until it has all been fully incorporated into the mixture.)

50ml Santa Teresa 1796 rum

20 ml Pierre Ferrand Ambre cognac

60ml half and half (mix of milk and single cream)



Shake together the pumpkin batter, rum and cognac, then fine strain into a preheated heatproof mug (to warm the mug, simply fill it with hot water and leave to stand for 3-4 minutes). Top up the mixture with some warmed half and half milk and finally garnish with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Published in Shortlist Magazine 28th November 2013. Circulation approx. 535,000