12 MAR

PRESS RELEASE - Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum joins Mangrove



Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum Joins The Mangrove Portfolio

Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum, created by music legend Chris Blackwell, is the latest brand to join the growing Mangrove portfolio of spirits and liqueurs. 

Colourful, rich and complex, Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum – dubbed ‘Black Gold’ – has been created by Chris Blackwell, music entrepreneur, cultural pioneer and founder of the legendary Island Records – the man who introduced the genius of Bob Marley and Jamaican music to the world.

Tastefully luxurious and effortlessly stylish, Blackwell Rum is characteristically Jamaican, with a dark amber hue, and a slight spicy aroma of orange peel and tropical fruit spice. It also has a special funky edge, a kind of eclectic, toffee-like sweetness that brings something fresh to the genre: “the strongest hint there is of burnt coconut,” says Blackwell; and that flavour surely emerges, along with toasted oak and the lingering citrus, all with a very smooth delivery.

“I think Jamaica's somehow blessed as an island. And that's why I insisted my Blackwell Rum be a dark, Jamaican rum, made in Jamaica.”

The key to Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum’s punchy style lies in the island's love of pot stills and long fermentation times; it is this method of production which gives this luxury rum not just added weight but a pungent intensity. Blackwell Rum blends effortlessly with other spirits or can be enjoyed neat, Chris Blackwell’s preferred favourite.

As well as his family background in the rum business, Chris Blackwell is fully aware of how to bring his wealth of experience to Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum.

“I used to manage 63 jukeboxes in Jamaica, because it was a way of getting my records heard” he says.“A really good friend of mine was a liquor salesman, and many times we'd end up in the same little bar or club. I've always been good at picking things up, and I've learned so much about life from all my ventures. All businesses, in a way, are pretty similar. You must have a good product, know you have it, and deal with people honourably.”

Carl Stephenson from Blackwell Rum comments: “Against a positive back drop of rum’s ever increasing popularity and bartenders looking for authentic choices, we are delighted to announce Blackwell Rum joins the dynamic Mangrove UK team. We believe Mangrove has the national reach and also maintains the personal connection with the key bartenders to help take Blackwell Rum to this exciting next level”

Comments Nick Gillett, Head of Mangrove: “We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum. Mangrove’s knowledgeable team and their hand-selling approach are the perfect fit to promote Blackwell Rum and we look forward to furthering their success in the UK market.”


About Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum (40% ABV, 75cl)

Tasting Notes: A beautiful bright dark bronze with red highlights. Aromas of Demerara sugar, molasses and treacle. On the palate, the full-blown molasses comes across like cocoa bean and chocolate cake frosting, lasting long into the finish.

About Mangrove

Created by John Coe and Nick Gillett, Mangrove was formed as a fully autonomous division of Coe Vintners to nurture a portfolio of specialist spirits and liqueurs. Every product in the Mangrove portfolio has been hand-picked. Only products of the highest quality and those showing authenticity, innovation and commercial viability have been considered for inclusion. Armed with this exclusive portfolio, Mangrove has an extensive UK distribution network encompassing on-trade, independent and multiple off-trade retailers and UK duty free, offering a platform for the products that Mangrove represent to achieve their full potential.

About Chris Blackwell

Chris Blackwell hails from one of Jamaica’s oldest merchant dynasties, the Lindo family, who first came to the island in 1625. His grandfather owned J. Wray & Nephew—renowned for distilling the best rum in Jamaica – which in 1916 took over the celebrated Appleton’s brand. The family tradition is therefore continued with the introduction of Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum, developed from Chris Blackwell’s own versatile recipe: the former record company man has imbued his black gold liquid with the very warmth and sensuality for which Jamaica and its music are so well appreciated. “It’ll send you to paradise,” he jokes.