02 DEC

Crumbs - Herradura and Mozart RG

Herradura - Forget those cringy student memories of knowing back poor tequila, and grow up with this Mexican treasure. Made with 100% blue agave and fermented for 45 days in American Oak barrels, it deserves its place in the adult drink cabinet. 40% ABV, £29.49/70cl, Corks of Cotham, Bristol

Mozart RG - Four words: milk, chocolate, cream, liqueur. Tak the finest cocoa from Ghana, gourmet chocolates from Belgium, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, fresh cream, cocoa butter and distilled alcohol, then ask a master Salzburg to blend. Devilishly decident. 17% ABV, £35/70cl, Harvey Nichols, Bristol

Crumbs Magazine 2nd December 2013 - C. 12,000

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