Portobello Road Gin

It all started at 171 Portobello Road, where after 9 months of hard graft, research, experimentation and cocktails, the perfect blend was crafted from 9 botanicals. Created with bartenders in mind, and designed to be mixed, the Portobello Road gins use the same 9 botanicals from around the world.

With enough of those robust gin flavours like juniper, citrus and coriander to make a Gin & Tonic, but with enough elegance to work in a martini and spices that create a depth of character and intensity to work in drinks like a negroni, these botanicals combine to create a uniquely versatile gin.

Portobello Road No. 171 London Dry Gin

Portobello Road Gin has a generous slug of juniper and a sustained, fresh citrus character from the use of lemon, bitter orange and coriander. This then develops into a sweet peppery finish, achieved using liquorice and nutmeg.

Celebrated Butter Gin 

A more viscous liquid with the juniper and coriander seed amplified on the palate matched with subtle and delicate floral and spice notes and a long, pleasant juniper finish with hints of spice.

Portobello Road Navy Strength Gin

This navy gin is a punchier and more flavourful version of Portobello Road's signature London Dry. It is bottled at a punchy 57.1% ABV and seasoned with a small amount of English sea salt, resulting in a subtle yet distinct martime essence.

Portobello Road Temperance 

With the realisation that many people in the modern era, are, for a multitude or reasons, choosing to moderate their alcohol consumption, the team behind Portobello Road Gin created Temperance Spirits: a lower alcohol spirit for people that enjoy drinking gin, that enjoy the flavour of gin but are also looking to drink less alcohol.

Temperance is, we should be very clear not a gin. Gin must be 37.5% alcohol or higher, so even if we wanted to call it gin, we wouldn't be allowed to, and we didn't want to anyway because it is not a gin. Temperance, which means moderation, has been crafted using the same botanical flavours of the classic Portobello Road Gin. We also use a number of other ingredients and processes developed by co-founder Jake Burger, to create a lower alcohol spirit that still harbours the same intensity of flavour and texture demanded by the astute gin aficionado.

Tasting Notes

Intensely aromatic with bold notes of juniper, cinnamon and citrus, reminiscent of gin but not entirely representative of it, a suggestion of citrus, and the mildest hint of grass and wildflowers A pleasant acidic sharpness, in the mouth the citrus, floral, and particularly the winter spice notes are more pronounced than the nose would suggest.







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