Montelobos Mezcal's are crafted by Iván Saldaña Oyarzábal, a visionary and a descendant of Mezcal in partnership with the Lopez Family who have been cultivating agave for five generations. 

The results are innovative mezcals, distilled from respected tradition, centuries-old folk legend, modern agave science and natural-brone craft.

Montelobos Mezcal Espadin - made from 100% sustainably grown, organic agave espadin, hand made in small batches. An unaged joven mezcal that has been meticulously cultivated and purposely cooked to achieve a perfect balance of agave, wood, and subtly smoke.

Montelobos Mezcal Ensamble - produced with 100% cultivated agave that originate from seed, different to other producers that use wild raw material which affects the environment. Ensamble applies paplote as its base and is complemented with espadin and tobalá

Montelobos Pechuga -100% Organic Montelobos Espadin is distilled a third time through Turkey breast, local seasonal fruits and spices to create Pechuga – a traditional Oaxacan mezcal style.

Montelobos Tobala - is the first certified Mezcal from the City of Puebla.  Uniquely produced from cultivated Tobala, rather than wild plants, Montelobos founder Dr Ivan Saldana has expertly balanced the cooking, fermentation and distillation process to allow the natural flavours shine.