Montelobos Mezcal

Montelobos is an unaged joven mezcal that has been meticulously cultivated and purposely cooked to achieve a perfect balance of agave, wood, and subtle smoke.

Grown in the shadows of Montelobos (Mountain of Wolves) in Oaxaca’s Sierra Madre range, agave espadín has been cultivated by five generations of Lopez Family mezcaleros and put through a rigorous crafting process designed by renowned agave-derived spirits expert Dr. Ivan Saldaña. The result is an innovative, perfectly balanced mescal - a liquid distilled from respected tradition, centuries-old folk legend, modern agave science, and natural-borne craft.


  • Cultivated in a traditional Oaxacan community with five generations of knowledge by the Lopez family mezcaleros.

  • Crafted with an advanced process designed by renowned agave spirits expert Dr. Ivan Saldaña to achieve perfect balance and consistency

  • 100% sustainably grown, organic agave espadín

  • Handmade in small batches—10 times smaller than most tequilas with a process that takes up to four times longer


NOSE: Anise, banana, pineapple, green agave, asparagus, smoke. TASTE: Roasted agave, vanilla, peppers, firewood and wilderness. FINISH: Refined with mild, balanced smoke.


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