Louis Royer Cognac

With a history dating back over 150 years, Louis Royer is the story of a French family and considerable expertise in the heart of the Cognac region. 

Like his father and grandfather, Louis Royer was a nature enthusiast. He passed down his great passion for bees through the generations and his successors have kept bees all their lives. He therefore naturally chose the bee as the company's emblem when it was founded in 1853.


The bee represents the values of the house, the symbol of diligence, an efficient and lively organization and true craftsmanship. 



Louis Royer VS

The liveliness and freshness of the youngest Cognac in the Louis Royer family originates from the vines of its Bons Bois and Fins Bois origins. The Bons Bois from the most westerly of Louis Royer's soils provide it with its fresh grapey aroma; the Fins Bois, further north, enrich it with the summer sun. Shortly after harvest, the white wine is immediately double distilled in traditional Charentais pot stills. The eaux-de-vie is blended to a secret recipe by the Master Blender before it is matured in the cellars at Louis Royer. Delicious aromas of fresh grape and pear are combined with hints of liquorice and a delicate woody note.


Louis Royer VSOP

Obvious hints of peachy freshness, crisp blackcurrants, ripe raisins and figs and soft almond notes. The hints of cocoa are less assertive than in the oldest Cognacs in the Louis Royer range, but it is still present. Subtle vanilla and woody notes, the result of time spent in oak barrels are found on the finish.


Louis Royer Force 53

A Fine Champagne Cognac, blended in almost equal measures from the Grande and Petite Champagne areas. Force 53 is a powerful 53° Cognac that offers heady concentrations in new proportions, notes of acacia, citrus fruits, pear, gooseberry, green tea, almond and nutmeg are all present on the nose and on the palate. This 53° Cognac has been made in the image of the young Louis Royer. Bold and original with extreme concentration and aromatic strength.


Louis Royer XO

Generation after generation, Louis Royer's Master Blenders have patiently selected and blended hundreds of eaux-de-vie to compose what would, in any art form, be considered a masterpiece. Louis Royer XO is a harmony of aromas, with multi-layered fruity, floral and woody notes which reveal their secrets layer after layer with every sip. The ageing process takes place exclusively in wooden barrels, the staves of which have been hand split from oak trees from the Limousin forest.

Prominant aromas of crystallized orange, sun-dried apricots, blackberries, blueberries and rich lychee are followed by the delicate perfumes of acacia, mellow lilac and honeysuckle notes. These are joined on the palate by chocolate, toffee and vanilla notes and to conclude, mild ‘cigar box’ tobacco notes and a lingering ‘rancio’ from Charente.


Louis Royer EXTRA

Grande Champagne Cognac

A blend of carefully selected eaux-de-vie from 35 to 50 years old. Extreme complexity and great roundness. Multi Gold award winner. Bouquet of hyacinth, iris, orange blossom and sweet and spicy hints of saffron, fine and noble notes of cedar wood and creamy and full-bodied touches of beeswax. Other aromas include, sun laden lemons and dark chocolate. Present from the very beginning, the aromatic summit of the most venerable Cognacs, this harmony of 'rancios' charms all the senses. 


Louis Royer 38 Years

Grande Champagne Cognac

Spicy notes drawn from old cellars, together with hints of walnut and hazelnut, the result of slow maturing and fully conserved natural and powerful cocoa notes. Persistently smooth balsamic notes are enveloped by delicate Iris perfumes. Finally, as always, as time drifts by and the seasons turn: a mature soul, both solitary and rich, the 'rancio' that every lover of Cognac looks for.