Jamaica Cove Rum

The smugglers of Cornwall land in the dead of the night in small skiffs. Shipwrecks are marooned on the rocky Cornish coast. The cavernous coves are used to hide the plundered Jamaican rum and treasures.

Tapping into the growing trend for flavoured rums, Jamaica Cove is an homage to the style of rums smugglers would have been imbibing with a tropical twist.

These premium rums are a blend of 100% pure Jamaican pot and column still rums. Aged for up to 3 years, the rums create the base for the Jamaica Cove products. To this, natural flavours created from macerating the fruit for 48 hours are added to complete the liquid. 

Silky, full strength rum with a bold flavour profile. Jamaica Cove Rums are the perfect base for adding depth and glacour kick to classic rum cocktails.