Don Q Rum

Originally from Cataluña, Spain, the Serralés family migrated to Puerto Rico in the 1830's where they established a sugar cane plantation and later imported a still from Cognac, in 1865, to produce rum. Now the number 1 selling brand in Puerto Rico, Don Q has no artificial sweeteners added to any of their rums and are the most eco-friendly and environmentally conscious distillery in the Caribbean.

For 6 generations, the Serrallés family have been distilling fine, Puerto Rican rums, for over 150 years. The Don Q brand was launched in 1932, inspired by the character Don Quixote.

Don Q Cristal Rum 70cl/40%ABV - a clear, light, premium rum most noted for its versatility and smoothness.

Don Q Gold Rum 70cl/40%ABV - A robust and integral flavour, it is famous for being the rum used in the creation of the first Piña Colada.

Don Q Añejo Rum 70cl/45%ABV - A premium rum aged from 3 to 8 years in American white oak barrels.

Don Q Gran Añejo Rum 70cl/40%ABV - Super premium blend of 7 different rums, including aged Solera rums from Spanish sherry casks.

Don Q Oak Barrel Spiced Rum 70cl/40%ABV - A premium spiced rum with warm, radiant, rich golden hues.

Don Q 151 Rum 70cl/75.5%ABV - A blend of heavy and light rums, each with a minimum of 3 years ageing.  

 Don Q Limited Release Vermouth Cask Finish Rum 70cl/40%ABV - The very first of its kind, a unique expression of Puerto Rican Rum and Italian Vermouth combined. Rums aged for between 5-8 years in American white oak barrels and are finished for 4-6 weeks in Mancino Vecchio (aged varmouth casks) crafted from Italian Oak.