Davna Vodka

   Davna Vodka is a range of high quality, remium flavouredvodkas that are distilled in Poland. The vodkas are made from blending rye/grain mix vodka with macerated fruits and tinctures to deliver intense taste and smoothness (these are not vodkas with flavoured essence).

Davna means 'Old School' or 'Vintage' in Polish (Dawna). Davna stands for the tradition and heritage of vintage polish vodka recipes, brought up to date and presented to a new discrening spirits audience. Davna vodka falours are the highest of quality, using fruit and natural essences: Cherry, Bison Grass and Honey. Packaging is authentic and elegant.

Tasting Notes

Davna Bizon:    

The resulting spirit is complex, smooth and elegant with distinct notes of almonds, jasmine and herbs. A delicious vodka to sip on its own, Davna Bizon also mixes wonderfully with apple juice and tonic water.

Davna Czeri:

The resultant spirit is unlinke any other product currently avaliable, excuding a sweet, fruity and compelling character that has masses of individuality and immense drinkability. Davna Czeri is a highly versatile spirit that can be enjoyed neat over ice or in a multitude of different cocktail recipes.

Davna Hani:

Soft, fresh and light in flavour with hints of eucalyptus, marzipan and berries. Davna Hani can be drunk chilled from the freezer or with lemonade over ice.






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