Cookie Policy

Cookies and compliance with EU cookie law

To comply with EU law we must tell you about our use of cookies on this website and give you the option to use the site without their use.

The Cookie Notification Bar 
The first time you visit this site you'll see a notification bar at the top of the page, if you accept this the bar will disappear and you'll not be asked again on subsequent visits. You can opt out of cookie use and still use the site but you may find certain features do not work properly or cease to function at all. 

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of data collected by web servers to improve functionality - for example allow automatic login when returning to a website, other cookies are used to manage transactions on websites. (click here for a more detailed explanation of cookies on Wikipedia)

How we use Cookies
We use a limited number of cookies on this website, these fall into two types:

1. Cookies that improve functionality of the site

2. Analytics these allow us to see how people use the site
We use Google Analytics to see how users are using the site, what they look at and how to improve the design to make it easier to use.

As far as we are aware the Google Analytics cookie is the only one that would falls under the EU cookie regulations law. Other cookies including those listed above are used for site functionality only.