Ceylon Arrack

Ceylon Arrack is a 100% natural spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower and aged in halmilla wood.

The sap of the coconut flower is the juice that would have eventually turned the coconut flower into a coconut. Collection of the sap is undertaken by 'Toddy Tappers' who can be seen in the early morning on top of coconut trees along the shoreline. 

The sap has its own natural yeast and starts fermenting naturally once collected. It must be distilled within 24 hours. Ceylon Arrack is one of the few spirits in the world that is a distillate of 100% natural fermentation.

The primary role of wood ageing is to calm the spirit rather than to flavour it. The ageing process is carefully monitored to ensure the natural flavours are enhanced and not overtaken. 

This process results in a complex liquid with a rich, sweet nose and aromas and flavours of tropical fruit. The 'Toddy' from four to six coconut trees produces a bottle of 70cl Ceylon Arrack.



Signature Serves

Ceylon Arrack & Coconut Water

Ruby Punch: Ceylon Arrack, Ruby Port, Ceylon Tea & Lime

Ceylon Aliya: Ceylon Arrack, Ginger Beer, Twist of Lime

The Baroness: Ceylon Arrack, Strawberry Tea, Cinnamon Stick

Paddington: Ceylon Arrack, Ginger, Marmalade, Fresh Orange Juice

Serendib: Ceylon Arrack, Mint, Ginger, Mango Puree, Ginger Ale

Stella: Ceylon Arrack, Cognac, Strawberries, Lime Juice


Contribution to Wildlife

Being true lovers of nature, Ceylon Arrack contribute towards Sri Lanka's wildlife conservation with every bottle sold. The Ceylon Elephant Conservation Trust (CECT) was pioneered by Rockland in their interest to contribute towards elephant protection and preservation in Sri Lanka. This is the first trust in Sri Lanka dedicated towards the protection of elephants.

The first project undertaken by Ceylon Arrack was in adopting a baby elephant found orphaned at birth in the jungle. The baby elephant was named Ruby after Ruby Punch from Jerry Thomas's Bon-Vivant Cocktail Companion Book, written in 1840, which featured arrack cocktails. You can meet 'Ruby' at the elephant transit home in Udawalawe in Sri Lanka. She was released into the wild in 2014. 


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