Belenkaya Vodka

Created in 2001, Belenkaya is produced and distilled in a traditional way in one of the most ecologically clean regions of Moscow. Belenkaya vodka prides itself on its use of natural ingredients and the highest of quality control, producing vodka of unmatched clarity and wonderful taste.


There are numerous stages involved in the production of Belenkaya Gold, all of which ensure the highest levels of quality, standards that are significantly higher than the Russian State Standards (GOST)

Soft, crystal clear water from a 200m deep artesian well is cleaned further using filters to remove mechanical impurities. The water is then softened by filtration through sodium ions. It then undergoes a third filtration of revers osmosis to remove salt.

The water and spirit mixture is then prepared; first the spirit followed by the water is poured from the sorting tank into the spirit storage container where it is stirred mechanically. This mixture is then filtered using coal and sand. The 13 meter coal filter absorbs the impurities and at the same time catalyses the oxidation process, improving the quality of the vodka. Final filtration through quartz sand ensures that microscopic coal elements are removed and ensures that the vodka is transparent.

The vodka undergoes a final ‘polishing’ filtration before it is bottled

Thanks to the natural infusion of oat flakes, Belenkaya Luxe has a soft, deep taste and a delicate yet pure aroma of vodka.


Belenkaya 350 by 350Belenkaya silver top 2015Blenkaya